Facial Rejuvenation Ball

Facial Rejuvenation Ball


These are smaller, softer balls, made to feel like skin touching skin.  The larger ball supports your neck and skull like a pillow, allowing the cervical spine to lengthen, aso any tension in the neck, skull and forehead begin to release.  The smaller ball is used to massage the face and bring circulation back to the skin, muscles and bone, while taking stress and compression out of the bone.

Results are glowing skin, diminished lines, increased brightness in eyes, more color in the cheeks and lips, and relaxation in the head, face, neck, and shoulders.  Many people also get a release in their hips, and new sharpness in their vision and hearing.

Great for headaches, reducing lines and rejuvenating skin, neck and shoulder tension, TMJ, hip pain, and allergies.

Buying your own face ball set is required for all FaceBall workshops, classes, and private or semi-private lessons.  Please note, DVD is not inlcuded.


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