Tracy G 

Since our appointment yesterday, I can breathe!  I slept with no medication last night. First time in weeks. Thank you. I sent your info to my ENT. 

-Tracy G  (chronic allergies)

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Thanks again for a wonderful treatment. Wanted to give you an back doesn't hurt today (which is a big relief because it was giving me a lot of discomfort), my digestion seems to be better, & while doing yoga this evening, I realized my knees are still stiff but the pain in the right knee has decreased significantly.  A big hug for all of that.

I'm really impressed by your unique style of treatment. You really put your heart in your work & you're extremely gentle & patient in your approach. I will definitely be returning

-Kavita   (back pain and knee pain)

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Jodi NeufeldKavita

(Acupuncture is) amazing stuff -I'm still in awe of my experience today!  Incredible!


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Jodi NeufeldAI
Danielle W.

 I wanted to thank you for the session on Tuesday - my shoulder / neck area is like 1000% better and I have been using the Yamuna ball as you suggested to stretch in the mornings and evenings. Kind of amazing what that one session did vs doc visits and tons of meds!! 

- Danielle W.

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Sara H.

I feel SO great right now - went and did Bikram today, I have LOTS of energy and my neck is not crunching every time I tilt it side to side - AMAZING!!! 

 -Sara H. (neck pain)

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Jodi NeufeldSara H.
K. L.

I really can't thank you enough for your help this fall. That last time I saw you was an ovulation week and I got pregnant that same month.  I know that you made that difference. Not to mention...I have never been more relaxed in my entire life than when lying on your table. 

 Your work is magic!!! Thank you :)

-K. L. (fertility support and anxiety)

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Jodi NeufeldK. L.

I had been a patient of Nancy’s for years and about 2 years ago, I was struck by a motor vehicle while walking.  The accident left me with a brain injury and a shattered pelvis.  After spending a few months in a rehabilitation facility, I was finally able to return to acupuncture and I was able to see a remarkable difference even after the first visit.  I would never have been able to heal and get back to my life so quickly if it weren't for all the benefits the treatment gave me.  I recommend this treatment for anyone who wants to maintain or return to an active life after an injury. 


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Jodi Neufeld

I wanted to let you know how much better I am feeling!  You are a miracle worker, I feel like a new person.

RG (chronic low back pain, neck/shoulder tension, fatigue, feeling "shot", stress)

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