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What causes pain?  A lack of space. If you create space, and breathe into it, healing will follow.


What's hurting? Maybe it's your neck, or maybe it's your heart.  Whatever needs rejuvenation, I can help.  My goal is to empower you by helping you find space to inspire your own healing.


How do you find space?  I can offer you several ways. Acupuncture, AcuRolling, Breathwork (Inspire Healing), Foot work, and Face work.

My goal is to empower you to inspire your own healing.  From your very own home.


We work as a team.  My sessions may incorporate several modalities, including acupuncture, body rolling, breathwork, gua sha, cupping, stretching and massage.  You may also choose to focus on one specific modality, depending on your preference.  The ultimate goal is the same: to get you out of pain, and back to doing what you love.

Find Space. Inspire Healing.  Be the best version of you.

Let me show you how.

I had been a patient of Nancy’s for years and about 2 years ago, I was struck by a motor vehicle while walking.  The accident left me with a brain injury and a shattered pelvis.  After spending a few months in a rehabilitation facility, I was finally able to return to acupuncture and I was able to see a remarkable difference even after the first visit.  I would never have been able to heal and get back to my life so quickly if it weren’t for all the benefits the treatment gave me.  I recommend this treatment for anyone who wants to maintain or return to an active life after an injury.
— TB

in person Services

Acupuncture services by Nancy Bryne


Acupuncture views the body as one integrated system. It focuses on all parts, to bring the whole back into balance. Acupuncture treats almost anything – pain, stress, digestive problems, fertility, insomnia, allergies.

Often, many symptoms are resolved together, because they had the same cause. You will leave an acupuncture treatment feeling like the best version of yourself.

The initial treatment is 90 minutes and  includes a comprehensive intake based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Which includes conversation, and observation including tongue and pulse diagnosis.  Follow-up treatments include a shorter intake and treatment.

$200 initial (2 hours)

$150 follow-up (90 minutes)

(Acupuncture is) amazing stuff -I’m still in awe of my experience today!  Incredible!
— AI
faceball closeup.jpg

AcuRolling Face Work

Thank you! I can BREATHE! I’m a singer and a cyclist and this class helped so much.
— AcuRolling student

The face and skull hold a lot of tension, which can easily be released, to soften wrinkles, give skin a glow and more color and vibrance.  The face work also releases neck, jaw and hip tension.  The best part is you can learn to do it yourself!

The breath is a healing tool. Because the breath brings oxygen to every blood cell and all the vital organs, breathing to full capacity and full function is essential for both body sustainability and longevity.
— Yamuna Zake, creator of Yamuna Body Rolling
Acurolling by Nancy Byrne


AcuRolling is Yamuna Body Rolling, a myofascial release technique, infused with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine.

Yamuna Body Rolling is about Body Sustainability. We use a series of small inflatable exercise balls, and follow the order of the body, or the “body’s logic” to lengthen, tone and find space.  You will see and feel the results immediately.  A private lesson is a combination of hands-on work by Nancy, and instruction on the Body Rolling routines, so you can do the work at home.  An AcuRolling sesssion will be customized for your health goals, and Nancy will point out specific Acupunture meridians and points for you to work on.

AcuRolling focuses on:

• Creation of optimal space throughout the body

• Restoring the range of motion in all joints

• Stimulation of bone

• Exertion of traction on muscles to create space

• Reorganization of the body structure to optimize its function

• Specific acupressure points and channels related to your health goals

I wanted to thank you for the session on Tuesday - my shoulder / neck area is like 1000% better and I have been using the Yamuna ball as you suggested to stretch in the mornings and evenings. Kind of amazing what that one session did vs doc visits and tons of meds!!
— Danielle W
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Online Services

AcuRolling and Inspire Healing sessions are available online, in a private, recorded session with Nancy. Please contact Nancy for more information: